Online Slots: What Makes Them Extremely Popular Nowadays

The popularity of online casinos is unmatched nowadays due to technological advancements, improved Internet speeds, affordable fees, and so on. Because of these, countless casinos offer a wide array of games and among them, online slots are arguably the most beloved within the online gambling community. In fact, when you talk about online casinos, the said games are probably the first things that come into mind. That’s because aside from the fact that they’re easy to play, they also offer a level of, say, fast-paced entertainment that cannot be obtained from other online casino games. 

Because of the said attributes, it’s safe to say that no country on the planet whose gambling enthusiasts do not enjoy online slot games. For this reason, it’s not surprising to know that slot games such as casino slot, online slot, and so on, have found their way to South Korea. In fact, slot games became one of the most played casino games in the country. 

How is this possible? Well there are a number of reasons for the immense popularity of online slot games.

Online slot popularity: the contributing factors

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On top of mentioned attributes, there are other reasons that make the said games popular. Without further ado, let’s take a more extensive look at what makes online slots the go-to online games of many online gaming aficionados and occasional players–the ones who always ask slot recommendation tips from their peers.  Read on for details. 

Rich history of slot games

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Online slots have a rich history. According to studies, the first slot machine was introduced in 1891 at a bar in New York. It had five drums that came with 50 playing cards and it was a game-changer during its release since it was the first gaming machine that came with a direct payout mechanism and because of it, winners were paid on the spot. 


The next big step took place in 1964 when the first electromechanical slot became a thing. But it’s important to note that the video slot technology that we know today came into the picture in 1996 when they took the gambling industry by storm and became an instant darling. 


The development of online slots encountered a standstill for a couple of decades, but as computers became infused to daily routines and mobile devices became prominent, casinos saw their potential and decided to eventually tap it. 


Later on, an expansion took place. Fast forward to the present and a vast majority of casinos have developed mobile apps that allow players to log in and then spin a couple of slots whenever and wherever they want. In addition to all these, some are free, further bolstering its popularity. 


Easy online slot site rules

Online slot site platforms attract people of all ages, gender, background, etc. It’s safe to say that it’s the “cream of the crop” of a vast majority of online casinos out there because the rules are easy. So easy that even newbie gamblers, including those who don’t have experience whatsoever can confidently engage in them. 

The general rule is that players only need to spin the wheel and let lady luck do her thing. That’s it! It’s very different to online baccarat where rules need to be followed and strategies need to be employed to win. 

Mass appeal

Traditional slots, in itself, are very appealing. But online slots are a different kind of animal because anyone can engage in them via their mobile devices—injecting a sense of enjoyment—that’s unlike any other. In fact, because of its mass appeal and dynamic flair, many online casinos heavily invest in the said game in an effort to attract new players and keep their competitive edge in the industry. After all, they’re known to attract both young and old players. 

Simply put, the online casino industry is always looking for interactive ways to attract new clients and the said games are arguably some of the most effective methods with regard to this matter.

Easy to enhance online slot game platforms

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A vast majority of online slot game platforms  out there work on the same principle: players spin the reels in an effort to hit multiple matching images and symbols to win the jackpot. This concept hasn’t changed since its inception. That being said, online slot game companies make it a point to create new themes on a whim to further expand their reach. 

This is the reason why at present, there are thousands of games out there that are backed by different themes. At a first look, they appear similar, but they actually vary when it comes to symbols. To spice up their game, many developers add a feature where players can unlock a backstory. 

Regardless of all these, the overall theme and core remained the same. The best part? All these don’t require huge sums of cash. Because of this, it is considered by many as a game for basically everybody. “Ordinary joes” as well “plain janes” can indulge in it, and so can high rollers and the elite.


There are free slots

At present, the Internet is full of free casino companies and a vast majority of them offer online slots where players can engage in them without spending a penny. Why is this the case? Well, many online casinos use this strategy to deliver top-notch entertainment and in the process bring clients and/or potential ones closer to playing real money games. Which brings us to our next point: superb entertainment.

Superb entertainment

Many turn to online gambling to basically relax and have fun. But instead of achieving them, they get frustrated since they have a hard time knowing the rules of the game. Consequently, they lose most of the time, and they eventually become stressed because they want to win back what they’ve lost, among others. This is not the case when it comes to online slots since they’re all about sheer entertainment. That being said, they’re arguably the best choice for those who want to sit back and relax after a long and tiring work week. 

Progressive jackpots

In general, online slots belong to a group of slots that are backed with progressive jackpots. To explain this in the simplest way possible, every bet that’s made by players in all the games in a group is added to the primary jackpot. If no one wins for an extended period, it can turn into a life-changing amount that can put one lucky gambler into the heights of financial euphoria.

Casino slot popularity: A two-edged sword

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On the one hand, the popularity of casino slot contributed to the success of online gaming. On the other hand, it’s safe to say that it’s also partly responsible for the proliferation of fraudulent companies that take advantage of careless and negligent online gaming aficionados. With this in mind, it’s best to practice caution when looking for an online casino. In line with this, it’s not enough to ask for slot recommendation tips and the like. 

Below are some of the simplest and more practical tips on this matter. 

Online slot license

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A legit company that offers online slots has nothing to hide, including their license. In fact, some even display their license certificate in a particular page of their site. If this is not the case and if you inquire about it, but it can’t be provided, chances are, you’re dealing with a shady entity and it’s time to look for another one.

Casino ranking

Many review sites on the World Wide Web show the rankings of online slots providers, and you should look at them to check casino ranks that are based on customer reviews, legitimacy, slot recommendation, and so on. Some even include extensive reviews that can help you have a bird’s eye view of the company that you’re looking to play on.

Slot site blacklist

Just as there’s rankings for trustworthy slot site platforms, there are also lists of illegitimate and fraudulent ones. Obviously, blacklisted ones are those that you should stay away from at all cost. That’s because they obtained their negative rankings due to their unethical and shady dealings or negligence, among others. 

Dubiously high bonuses

One of the most common means that phony Internet-based casinos use to lure players into registering with them is the promise of high bonuses, which is often not true. With this in mind, you should be on guard if you notice that the bonuses that are offered are too good to be true. They’re probably used to trap you and other gamblers. 

For this reason, it’s best to be cautious of dubiously high bonuses. If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true. What if you can differentiate a high bonus for a low one? Well, go online and look for reviews and slot recommendations, among others, from other players.

Player protection

Trustworthy online slots and online baccarat entities protect their players from unwanted access and data theft by using high-security encryption methods, which they usually disclose to their clients. If not, it’s best to exert due diligence to determine them since failure to do so may ruin your online casino gaming experience. Even more, you may end up losing a substantial amount due to identity theft and other similar activities.

Slot site withdrawal method

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Another simple yet effective way to determine if a slot site is legit is to check its withdrawal method. Remember, Paypal and other online payment systems won’t associate themselves with entities with not-so-good backgrounds. This, to ensure that their reputation as well influence won’t be put in a bad light. That being said, if a slot site utilizes Paypal and other tried and tested systems, there’s an extremely high possibility that it’s legit. 

Also, consider betting a small amount. If you win, but are having a hard time withdrawing your winnings, it’s best to find another website where you can play. Remember, trustworthy companies won’t withhold your winnings. They’ll release it in the soonest and most convenient way possible. Simple as that.

Why? That’s because not only do they have sufficient funding, they also make it a point to follow the guidelines that are set by industry governing bodies. 


Not all online slot site entities are safe

Yes. There are many online slot site entities out there that are safe and secure. However, online casino slot companies are not created equal. Many online gamers think that a significant number of slot machines are rigged and their programmers specifically set them up to lose. Such theory is not only applicable to casino slot machines, but to their online counterparts as well. 

The said factor is one of the reasons why online slot games are put in a bad light. They inappropriately put themselves in a position where players are going to lose. 

So how can you determine whether you’re playing in a trustworthy online casino? Well, it’s good to check for a slot recommendation and, at the same time, practice caution when playing. In addition to these, gambling responsibly, like not betting more than you can afford, can go a long way. 

That is arguably the safest way to gamble. This is most true regardless if you are playing in an actual casino or in an online one. 

Summing up

As you can see, the popularity of online slots is here to stay. And because of the rise of technological advancements such as more cutting-edge mobile phones and 5G Internet, its popularity is sure to skyrocket in the near future. To add, countless developers out there continue to exert effort and give players different kinds of challenges that make them more exciting and challenging than ever. 

However, as mentioned, many entities are looking to cash in on their popularity in a bad way. That’s why it’s best to practice caution before signing up. By doing so, you can enjoy online slots to the fullest and experience for yourself why they’re immensely popular. 

Only then will you realize what the hype is all about.

How to Play Slot Machines

Most slot machines can be played using casino coins or monetary denominations. Slide these into the machine slot and your chosen credits will instantly become available to you for use. On reel slots, players need to keep pushing a button that says ‘play one credit’ until their desired amount per reel shows up. When the amount is set, they can then hit the button that says ‘spin’ or ‘spin reels’ to start playing. Other classic machines would have handles for players to pull in order to start the game. Almost the same procedure goes for video and other slots except that the spinning is automated with a few button clicks.

Obviously, slot winnings come from matching up symbols in a specific way. Symbols can be fruits, cards, places, or things, really depending on what is appealing to the eyes of the audience. A lot of symbols are now seen in slot machines and can sometimes confuse players. The most common ones are fruit symbols such as cherries, lemons, apples, and oranges, and card symbols such as queen of hearts, aces, and king of spades. Wild symbols are a crowd favorite. In scrabble terms, they serve as the ‘blank tile,’ meaning they can take the place of any other symbol, hence a better odd at winning. Scatter symbols are free spins and they are the second most favorite symbols of a lot of players. They land very rarely on the reels and in come casinos, VIP membership is prerequisite to see them during games. Multiplier symbols also excite players. They can multiply your winnings for up to 6x. Not a lot of slot machines have these, however. Sticky symbols freeze one reel so only 2 in 3-reels machines are required to get a win. Lastly and much like scatter symbols, bonus symbols also provide players with free spins of up to 10 or more times. It helps to understand these symbols to get you ready for that big win. Although slot winnings are mostly dependent on luck, it still helps to recognize a winning my being aware of symbol match ups.

Alongside symbols recognition, payouts is something gamers must also understand before playing. Ultimately, gamblers play for a really nice payout in the end, although some may argue that they’re in for entertainment alone. Still, the idea of getting more than what you spend in gaming is appealing but does not necessarily happen all the time. Whatever much is returned to you against what you spend, in casino terms, is known as payout percentage. Slot experts have attested that some Vegas machines have up to more than 95% payout percentage. This does not mean, however, that for a $100 spend, only $95 can return to you in the form of winnings. You can definitely earn more, but as an average, it sticks to a 95% probability. Generally, however, casinos worldwide are said to have an average of 80% payout percentage.

This idea of winning higher payouts is what attracts players to try slot machines. There is a danger in this for compulsive gamblers, however. Recreational players would often argue that slots are not for the luck-dependent. Because of this, unspoken rules have since evolved. One of the major slot machine dos is playing within one’s budget. People need to keep in mind that more than wins, slot machines are known for major losses. Unless playing for recreational purposes, one must always be aware of his spending in order to avoid finance troubles. 

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Another slot machines etiquette is to not lurk around the casino when you are not playing. Some non-players got used to loitering around the slot machines areas in casinos even when they are not playing. They are practically taking up spaces that can be used by playing customers instead. Additionally, players also find it impolite to be watched while playing. For them, the golden rule in slot machines is this: mind your own business.

There is a theory that slot machines on end rows are winning machines. It is said that they are placed there to attract people to play as they see others winning. Hence, casino experts would usually position themselves in these seats. This, however, does not give people the right to save seats. A few number of instances have banned players from casinos after causing trouble with saving specific seats. As a form of respect to others, it is not advisable to save slot seats when needing a break from playing.

Another unspoken slot machines rule is to not be greedy. While it is technically possible for a player to play on 2 machines simultaneously, it is still advisable to maintain just one machine to give way for other people to play. Lastly, people are advised to keep their cool. Losing can sometimes take a toll on players and attitude issues can certainly go south. Needless to say, a gambler must always remember to relax while playing and get the best experience from the game.

Indeed, slot machines hold a variety of winning streaks. According to research, the probability of winning big in them is once in 49 million games. This may not be a good figure, but a lot of people still get addicted to them because of the excitement and anticipation they bring. Somehow, in order to decrease the possibility of disappointment, some winning strategies may be observed.

슬롯 머신에서 이기는 방법

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Slot machines are not everyone’s cup of tea. They are completely random and lucky games do not always happen. Playing them can easily get someone bored especially if he doesn’t have the right mindset and strategy. Although they are mostly based on luck, it still helps to keep in mind a few pointers to increase one’s probability of winning.

Generally, it is important for players to consider machines with low bet amounts. Slot machines are programmed according to how much money they receive and keep. This means that the more money you put into one, the higher the amount it will maintain and keep. Betting less is the key. Similarly, betting slowly has proven to yield better winning results for many people. If a player makes 500 spins in an hour at a dollar per spin, he is then risking a total of $500. If a player makes only 250 spins an hour, however, the risk decreases by $250. This pace, of course, can pick up eventually when a player eventually masters his strategies, but as a starter, slowly is always surely.

Another tip to winning slots would be betting on games that are eligible for jackpots. Most slot machines are designed to be played progressively and if you run into something that has been played on by continuous win streaks, you are definitely in for a possible jackpot surprises. As mentioned earlier, the more money that is placed into slots, the bigger the prizes they give away. This means that no matter how small your bets are when you resume a progressive game, the large prize remains the same.

It also helps that a player chooses a slot machine that matches his goals. A beginner may opt for something that requires smaller bets, while a slots master could always go for progressive machines. Reel games are mostly for people who wish to have a shot at jackpots, while video slots would often give out prizes on casino bars, restaurants, and stores. Whatever a player’s goal is must always be in accordance to what he plays.

Near misses are also a great way to inch closer to winning big. Players who play big and lose big can sometimes accumulate a lot of winning combination that merely awaits that next spin. When they are not able to do this as they no longer have the budget, they leave the slot machine in vain, and this moment could just be your luck. Playing a little after a previous gamer’s big play can mean a greater chance of getting that elusive jackpot. Thus, patience is needed to scout for that machine with jackpot symbols on them.

Both new and old slots players must take advantage of promotions and bonuses when playing. A lot of casinos offer these as an enticing point to gaining more customers. Promotions and bonuses are usually presented to newly signed-up players and inactive casino members. They are casinos’ way of initiating visits and gaining possible frequent visitors. Most of these promotions usually require a player to initially spend a minimal amount at casinos before they are able to enjoy the promo’s maximum benefits. Although tricky, the benefits mostly outweigh the cons, so a lot of people tend to patronize these offers.

It also helps to watch videos of machine demos and winning tips before heading to any gaming place. A lot of expert slots users share their experiences on YouTube and other social media sites to help both beginners and old-timers to have a chance at winning. There are also some observers who study slots patterns that share information to interested players. Some of these observers charge the information they share, while some hand them out for no cost at all. Either way, players must always take into consideration that since time immemorial, there has never been a definite pattern yet that proved to be a winning streak for slot machines. People should be aware of the risks and must definitely manager their expectations.

Finally, players may also want to take advantage on online slot machines. As mentioned in the beginning of the article, online slot machines have gained popularity over the years for a variety of reasons. Some people prefer gaming at the comfort of their home, while some are not legally permitted to go to casinos due to government rules and restrictions (South Korea, for example). No matter what the reason is, online slot machines have proven to be a more convenient way of gaming for many gamblers. Online slots are said to yield better bigger prizes as they are not bound by high taxes, casino operational costs, and management costs.

However, it is advised that people play only on sites that have proven track record for excellent customer service, fast pay outs, and currency flexibility. Being able to talk with a service rep, at any time, when things go wrong plays a vital role in maintaining customer loyalty. Similarly, fast payout must also be a player’s top consideration when playing online so that smooth transfer of money will never be an issue. Ideally, a good payout schedule must not exceed 36 hours wait time. Also, currency flexibility accounts for the many individuals who prefer playing slots online. A lot of online gaming sites have started accepting as many world currencies as possible including cryptocurrencies. This way, anyone from any part of the world can gamble.

In conclusion, slot machines are for people who want to find excitement and fun in gambling. Although seemingly complicated to play, they are definitely user-friendly once the initial groping for understanding is over. If careful, a player may also enjoy long hours of gambling without the risk of losing much, but with the possibility of bringing home the bacon. It is important to always keep in mind that gambling does not always equate to winning. It is not a safe sport for those who want to gain a few thousand dollars in their pocket. Slot machines, more than anything else are meant to be enjoyed and have fun with.

What Are Slot Machines

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What pokies are to Australians, pachinkos to Japanese, slots to Americans may be of many other different terms from around the world. Ultimately, slot machines are a source of joy and entertainment for casino enthusiasts. When they were invented in New York in 1891 by a company called Sittman and Pitt, the firm did not realize that its creative invention would soon sweep the gaming industry in all parts of the planet.

Sittman and Pitt’s initial invention was simple – a machine mainly based on a game of poker with 5 drums that held 50 face cards minus the jack of hearts and the ten of spades. Players inserted a dime or a nickel into the machine and pulled the lever, hopeful for a win, amongst 5 spinning reels. Despite slim chances of players winning due to the complexity of the odds, every bar in the country would soon have 1 or more of these toys in them within a few weeks from its initial release. The prizes depended solely on what an establishment offered as there was no direct pay-out from the machine. Winnings varied from free beers to a pack of cigars to house special treats. Whatever it was, players just found it fun and enjoyable to just give the toy a try.

Around 1887 to 1895, California-based mechanic Charles Fey came up with a much simpler machine. He called it the Liberty Bell, which gave people greater winning odds. Fey’s machine had only 3 spinning reels to make it easier for players to read wins. Face cards were also replaced with symbols such as diamonds, hearts, horseshoes, spades, and bells (from which the name derived) to make it more enticing for people. Soon after, many other “bell” machines were copied and have proliferated in the streets, mostly in salons, bars, restaurants, barber shops, among others. Various versions were also produced, some containing fruit images such as lemons, oranges, apples, instead of the original designs by Sittman and Pitt and Fey.

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Slot machines have become a big player in the gambling industry over the years. They are extremely popular in casinos. Technological advancements have enabled manufacturers to produce better versions with thousands of display kinds and with enhanced visual graphics. Interestingly, the evolution of mobile and broadband breakthroughs has made it possible for slot machines to be played on phones as well. A great deal of slots apps is available for everyone’s convenience especially for those who prefer playing in the comforts of their homes to going to casinos.

There are many different types of slot machines to date. There are the traditional reel slots that are operated manually and are classically simple. There are video slots that are mostly found in casinos nowadays. They are more vibrant and are more interactive than that of the reels. Straight slots are the most basic type of slot machines. Their prizes are primarily determined by the pay table and would usually contain bonus turns, wild symbols, multipliers, and scatter symbols. Single-line slots are increasingly becoming uncommon in casinos nowadays. From the name itself, these slots offer only a single payline all across the reels which players find monotonous and boring. Multi-lines, the exact opposite of single-lines, are the more popular preference of players because of the many winning possibilities they offer. They have strange patterns that new players are not easily able to understand and follow.

Multi-spins are also another type of slots. They are usually a crowd favorite because they allow players to hold on to 1 or more reels, usually the jackpots, while getting the chance to spin the others again. This way, there are more chances of getting the gold. Jackpot slots work on a certain special combination that has a fixed prize amount. The prize is usually large and as expected, a bit more challenging to get. Progressives are continuous jackpot slots. This means that when played by a gambler, a portion of his bet would go to the jackpot and would grow gradually as player after player continually gambles. Multi-denomination slots accept however much a gambler wants to bet instead of just a single denomination. The amount could vary from pennies to a several hundreds of dollars of bills. These are just a few of the most common slots available in the gambling industry. A lot more exists around the world which are mostly dependent on people’s culture, location, and lifestyle.